Pineal Soccer St. Pauli - Punkkopf

Let’s play a game.

When I will ask you, in a few lines, close your eyes for a minute and try to imagine a combination of all these elements:

  • a brown football shirt,
  • wonderful jersey each year,
  • a skull as a Club mascot,
  • the coolest fans in the world.



The Sankt Pauli district of Hamburg is the headquarters of one of Germany’s cult clubs.

Despite its thin palmarès, and although the team gets in and out from Bundesliga like a swallow from its nest, the St. Pauli collects the sympathy and the attention from more and more soccer addicted people.


This happens thanks to the participation of supporters – among whom it is not rare to find women and children – who contribute to the frequent “sold out” of the Millerntor-Stadion.

And then, let’s be honest, the fans are not the most flat and predictable.

For the Kiezkickers of Hamburg, pink shirt with punk pattern, light blue-brown details and Totenkopf in the middle of the chest.



Did you like this jersey

Do you like the punk third kit of Kiezkickers? ☠️

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