Vanni Valentini 🙋🏻‍♂️

Web & Graphic design, UX/UI design, illustrations, motion design,
writing and other stuff

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    Vanni is the owner of that pineal gland.

    I dedicate my time to everything where creativity is involved, comics, cooking, motion graphics, writing, UX design.

    I’ve been creating soccer kits since the years of Sensible Soccer: before every match, I used to extenuate my friends with the customization of the jerseys.

    They quivered with impatience, with the joypad in their hands, while I was still looking for the best combinations of shorts, collar and the curtains of the living room.

    Today I tell this wonderful sport in my own way, with my eyes.

    Cinema for lazy people

    The great classics in 3 frames

    Lapis Bleu

    and the Alfio's adventures

    Web Design

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