Pineal Soccer USA - Fuxia Night

During the inaugural game of the Usa World Cup 1994 I asked myself many times if there was a huge mistake.

The United States playing soccer?

Maybe something was wrong.

At most, I could tolerate Japan’s presence, with its strongest and secular football culture told by the noble gestures of Holly & Benji.

Because it seems that in Japan first came man-to-man, then sushi.


Americans are happy with 2 hoops and a ball as heavy as a watermelon.

At most, a glove, a ball, a wooden bat, and the some rules that even Scotland Yard has not yet made clear.

But not soccer. That is sacred.

What about organizing the next World Cup in Greenland!

I complained, as only a twelve-year-old guy could do.

After all, what else could the dreamer soul of a passionate soccer expect? Organizing the World Cup in a country with a solid football tradition was the indispensable minimum.

Since that World Cup, the US National team – despite the elimination in the first round – ended up in the football database of my mind, thanks in particular to the second amaaazing jersey and the arrival in Serie A of Alexi Lalas, who has worn Padova‘s shirt for 2 years.

For the United States Soccer Team an astonishing jersey: 2 shades of blue with fuchsia details, monochrome logo and explosive font.

Fuchsia and stripes forever!



Do you like this jersey?

Do you like the proposal of Pineal for the US National Soccer Team? 🇺🇲

Leave a comment! 😉

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