Soccer kits according to Pineal Soccer

The gland of creativity loves football

Pineal Soccer Concept is a laboratory of ideas where the passion for football and creative energy meet each other.

Here you will discover football jerseys created by a guy who customizes soccer kits since the days of Sensible Soccer.

Every away kit and every third kit is studied in detail and tailored to its team, with a sight at its history and its fans.

With love for beautiful things.





Dive into the Journey

Explore the kits by categories

Rétro jerseys

I always surrender to the temptation of delighting eyes and hearts with reinterpretations. Sink your senses into memories and breathe the air of the past with a collection of retro-style kits.

Commemorative kits

History tells you who you are, and the third commandment of football tells you to celebrate celebrations.
Honor to the past with the best celebratory shirts.

Away kits

No time for bullcrap. We face the journey and get to the opponents’ stadium to win the match. The football world is divided in 2 categories: who wants to win by all means and liars.

Third kits

A collection of unmissable Third Kits, to show our style or to give the heart on the European stage.
No time for usual patterns and colors.

120% creativity.

Beyond soccer

When Pineal crosses the boundaries of football he does it in style, translating everything that comes to mind into soccer jerseys.

Sliding Doors

What would have happened if history had taken a different path at that crossroads?
The curiosity of human nature is satisfied in this collection of terrific kits.
Welcome to dystopia.