Pineal Soccer Australia - Uluru

The paths of Australia and the Azzurri crossed once all during the round of 16 of the 2006 World Cup.

Sixty million Italians, glued to the TVs and dripping with sweat, feared that that penalty could have ended with a spoon.




What if we missed that penalty? Better not to imagine…




Would Faruk Hadžibegic‘s curse come back a quarter of a century later? O Maybe we would have won that match anyway, thanks to a by Zaccardo. 🤔

Anyway, what matters is to stress how Italy was lucky during that match.

10 against 11 from the very first minutes.

A fairly generous penalty.

Victory at the 95th minute.

Australia back home and Italy in the quarterfinals.

For the Socceroos an amazing jersey: brown shirt, blue shorts, and yellow & green details.

Volume all the way up and Seven Nation Army loop!



Do you like this jersey?

What do you think about this Australia jersey? 🇦🇺

Brown and blue are like peanut butter and cherry marmalade, isn’t it? 😍


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