Pineal Soccer Ireland - Gaelic Night

Ireland 1 Italy 0

Ok, I’m gonna turn off the TV and go back playing Nintendo World Cup, which is much better.


Usa ’94 World Cup started the worst way for Azzurri and for the hope of a 12 years-old fanatic little boy.

Magic Nights were a far memory.

For a kid, 4 years are an eternity: in 1994 I was already living the world of grown people and football began to flow freely in my veins.

Now we were in America.

Italy defeated at the first match.


Just one.

A goal of an anonymous unknown Houghton (“Who on earth is this Houghton, I barely know Klinsmann and Matthaus”) inflicted like a spear in my ribs, and a couple of other memories.


I do not remember almost anything of that disastrous debut… nothing but the booing of 70,000 people against the Irish defense, guilty of a 60-meter-long back passes to the goalkeeper and a measly time wasting.

No need to remember how the World Cup has continued, finally culminating with the famous Baresi’s weeping.

For the boys in green, a night green jersey with orange and clover green details.



Did you like this jersey?

What do you think about this nocturnal jersey?

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