Pineal Soccer Bayern München - Die Roten

Pineal has just realized that he’s got a thing for Germany.

Yep, because, after having been to St. Pauli, Dortmund, after having wondered about East Germany and having proposed a jersey for the German national team, the creativity of pineal gland is again here in this country.

Today it’s the day of Bayern München.


Was Mario Basler really so strong?

The lucky guys who had the privilege of playing PC Fùtbol 5.0, they might have noticed tre precence of someone among the squad of that unbeatable Bayern Munich.


Back to 1997. This mythological creature, something between a popular Italian plumber and the coolest Nuremberg judge, let us wondering about the Italian creativity and the steel German discipline.

Mario Basler’s skills were literally amazing. His strength as a midfielder was something that no one dared to imagine. It was sufficient to put him and 10 chairs and you would have won any match.

It’s time to pay homage to that alien.

Third kit for Bayern Munich. 

Black cyan shirt with Bayern rhomboids, red details. Red shorts and monochromatic logo.


Bayern Munchen Jersey


Do you like this jersey?

What do you think about the Bayern Munich third kit? 🇩🇪

Did you know that you can also find the German National Team in the Nintendo World Cup special?

If you are a Nintendo nostalgic you can’t miss it! 😉

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