Galles Wales 2018

Wales – Dreigiau tân

For a passionate about footbal, geography is important.

Whole afternoons studying the worn atlas, wondering about the result of a match between the bigger Nations.

“Brazil – Soviet Union … Cariocas would take at least 3 goals”

I thought one day, measuring the difference between the two.

And Nintendo World Cup just made more confusion in my mind…

Yet, I have to admit that finding Wales has been a little hard.

For too long this Nation has watched the show from the second row.

Now Wales has finally emerged from the limbo where he has fallen asleep for decades, and now begins to dream.

Starting with the historic placing at the semifinals of France 2016, a prestige that even the star of Ryan Giggs has never been able to give.

Draged by Gareth Bale (who is actually a Martian) and Aaron Ramsey (which one better not to contradict ever), the Welsh Dragon screams revenge and promises to redeem the years spent watching international tournaments from the couch.

For Wales a volcanic away jersey: Marsala red and fire red with fluo green details.

Cymru am byth!

(Wales forever, or depending on pronunciation, Betacarotene is fine)

Galles Wales 2018

Ready for Russia 2018? 😉

What do you think about the jersey of Wales?

Leave a comment just here! 😉

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