United States – Fuxia Night

During the inaugural game of the Usa World Cup 1994 I asked myself many times if there was a huge mistake.

The United States playing soccer?

Maybe something was wrong.

At most, I could tolerate Japan‘s presence, with its strongest and secular football culture told by the noble gestures of Holly & Benji.

Because it seems that in Japan first came man-to-man, then sushi.

Americans are happy with 2 hoops and a ball as heavy as a watermelon. At most, a glove, a ball, a wooden bat, and the some rules that even Scotland Yard has not yet made clear.

But no soccer. That is sacred.

What about organizing the next World Cup in Greenland!

I complained, as only a twelve-year-old man with the first axillary hair could do.

After all, what else could the dreamer soul of a passionate soccer expect? Organizing the World Cup in a country with a solid football tradition was the indispensable minimum.


Since that World Cup, the US National team – despite the elimination in the first round – ended up in the football database of my mind, thanks in particular to the second amaaazing jersey and the arrival in Serie A of Alexi Lalas, who has worn Padova‘s shirt for 2 years.

For the United States Soccer Team an astonishing jersey: 2 shades of blue with fuchsia details, monochrome logo and explosive font.

Fuchsia and stripes forever!


Do you like the proposal of Pineal for the US National Soccer Team? 🇺🇲

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