Disappeared National Teams

Disappeared National Teams

Pineal Soccer loves history, in addition to Soccer Jerseys.

It likes to imagine how national teams who no longer exist would be today, dissolved by the Wind of Change.

Good times, those of the Cold War. When a stern leg was enough to mobilize troops on the border.

4 Nations extinct for over 20 years. But fantasy is hard to stop.

Two jerseys for each national team: Soviet Union, East Germany, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.



Let’s be honest.

They perhaps have frightened half world with nuclear weapons, but they always sucked with soccer.

Over the decades, those few top player came with the dropper, couldn’t have done anything to raise overall quality.

People like Shevchenko and Kaladze could have felt like like Stevie Wonder in a parochial choir, or like Gareth Bale and Ryan Giggs among their compatriots.

A bigger Wales.

USSR National Team
USSR Soccer



After the unification of the two Germanies history has been deviated in a disruptive way.

Most of all, the soccer history.

Are we really sure that those Magic Nights would still be conquered by Germany?

And are we sure that the same thing would had happened 24 years later, during the 2014 World Cup, again against Argentina?

What is certain is that the unification was a bad news, especially in Buenos Aires.


East Germany
East Germany Soccer



Today the Balkans tank would sit on top of the world.

If you play against people like Handanović, Perisić, Kolarov, Mandžukić, Modrić, Iličič, Džeko, Jovetić, Ljajić – and God only knows who else – you can’t do so much.

But sometimes soccer is really a little stuff.

When you face a civil war that killed a 250.000 people you realize that sometimes we are not even ready for a football game.

Red big Star.

Yugoslavia-National Team



It seems the news of the Velvet Revolution has not even come to Bratislava.

Anyway, Czech Republic and Slovakia, as husband and wife, decided to say goodbye each other offhand.

It seems, some misunderstaning concerning the ingredients of the recipe of national meatloaf.

When I think at former Czechoslovakia, my mind goes to Tomáš Skuhravý and Genoa of the first Nineties.

And what would be happened in the following decades?

What the hell do I know? Of course, It would be great to see  Tomáš Rosický and Marek Hamšík playing in the same national team.

Zemanian 4-3-3.

Czekoslovakia National Team
Czekoslovakia Soccer


What do you think about these jerseys? Have you been craving some Perestrojka? 😉

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